Founded by Rodney and Allison Gustafson in 1993, Gustafson Dance is the official school of State Street Ballet. With more than 400 students in a state-of-the-art facility, the school emphasizes instruction that provides a solid technical foundation in a warm and caring environment. Dance is taught in a manner that is non-threatening and builds self-esteem, so that everyone from the beginner to the professional dancer will excel.

While Gustafson Dance recognizes that a professional career is not the goal of all students, every student is offered instruction that meets the highest standards of professional dance training. Students learn the structure and discipline of dance — benefit that enhances many other aspects of life.

Gustafson Dance adopted the new American Ballet Theatre Curriculum in the Fall of 2008. Designated as the National Ballet Company of the United States, American Ballet Theatre developed a national curriculum to help unify the training of all American dancers. Much work on the part of internationally acclaimed teachers, dancers, physical therapists and physicians has gone into this new curriculum. In 2009, Gustafson Dance completed all levels of the new American Ballet Theatre Curriculum, Primary through Level 7.

The school operates an annual trimester program for students aged three to eighteen, as well as summer sessions for children aged four through twelve. Adult classes are offered several times weekly. Many students in the Santa Barbara and Goleta school districts receive course credit for training with Gustafson Dance through independent physical education courses. Annual student performances include The Nutcracker with State Street Ballet, and a holiday and spring show. For more information on programs, schedules and performances, visit