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Virtual Event

img Photo: Rose Eichenbaum    

Join us for the opening of our virtual Spring Series!

Choreographed by State Street Ballet’s Founder and Artistic Director Rodney Gustafson, this original and highly acclaimed production of Cinderella is a light-hearted retelling of everyone’s favorite fairy tale. From the hilarious (and Indy Award-winning!) Ugly Stepsisters, to the magic of the Fairy Godmother and the discovery of true love, this delightful performance warms the hearts of audiences of all ages. An entertaining production that has successfully toured across the United States, this classic story of the meaning of true beauty is told through spectacular choreography, Prokofiev’s luscious music, and the excitement of digital animation and opulent sets. A virtual event you won't want to miss!

Filmed on April 9, 2017, at The Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA

Premiering free of charge on State Street Ballet's YouTube channel on February 11 at 7:30pm PST and streaming until the clock strikes midnight on February 17. 

*Join us for the Premiere and watch party - February 11 at 7:30pm PST!

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Sharing The Spotlight

We want to extend our sincere appreciation to the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation and the California Arts Council for their support of this production and the accompanying outreach programs that reached upwards of 6,000 students in Fresno, CA and Santa Barbara, CA. 

The Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation works to ensure equal access to arts experiences for our local students, and also repairs and replaces instruments so that all students have the opportunity to learn to play music. The California Arts Council strengthens arts and culture, and uses creative expression to cultivate a better California for all.

We are so honored to partner with The Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation and the California Arts Council to ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience live performance.

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