State Street Ballet: Support

State Street Ballet Donors

In a perfect world, the arts would be self-supporting. In reality, ticket sales cover only half of our expenses. When you make a donation, you ensure the future of dance as an art form and make dance a vital part of the Santa Barbara community. Thank you for helping us accomplish this important mission. We are immensely grateful!



Margo Cohen-Feinberg and Robert Feinberg

Tim Mikel

Sara Miller McCune



Michael Towbes Fund



Roger and Sarah Chrisman

The Hutton Parker Foundation

Palmer and Susan Jackson and the Ann Jackson Family Foundation

Lillian Lovelace                                                                                                   

Manitou Fund / Nora McNeely Hurley Silo                                                     

The Towbes Fund for the Performing Arts

Richard J. Watts                                                                                                

PATRONS CIRCLE - Corps de Ballet



Fred and Roxana Anson

Dan and Meg Burnham

California Arts Council                                                                    

Herbert Kendall for Herbert & Elaine Kendall Charitable Foundation

Jerry Isenberg and Caroline MacDougall

Mosher Foundation                                                                           

Robert and Alexandra Nourse                                                       

Jeffrey and Amy Pryor                                                                        

The City of Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara County Office of Arts and Culture                   

The Santa Barbara Foundation, United Way of Santa Barbara County, and

The Hutton Parker Foundation

Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation

Marc and Pauline Sylvain



Barbara Burger and Paul E. Munch

Casa Dorinda

Benjamin Jerry Cohen and Jane S. De Hart

Arlyn Goldsby                                      

Montecito Bank & Trust

Coleen and Victor Stewart

Roger and Justine Thompson

Karl Weis and Kristen Klingbeil-Weis

Andre Yew



Sasha Ablitt / Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners

Isabel Downs and Robert Warner

Chanda Fetter and Fess Del Campo

Brooks and Kate Firestone

Dennis and Setsuko Furuike

Martin and Kerrilee Gore

Deirdre Hade-Arntz and Will Arntz

Robert and Patricia Reid

Anne Smith Towbes for the Poomer Fund

Malcolm Tuffnell

*List includes gifts given between June 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021.



Baird Foundation

Jerome and Dinah Baumgartner

Steven and Wynne Benhayon

Diane Boss

Henry and Maureen Bowis

Milly Colahan

Ron and Jill Dexter

Seth Geiger and Teri Jory

Kathy Gilbert

Donald and Mary Ann Harrill

Joseph and Teresa Kadow

Diana Katsenes

Brad Kohlenberg

Zoë Landers

Evan and Matie McPeters

Brian and Judy Robertson

Joan Rutkowski

Robert Sponsel and Patricia Chidlaw

Kristin St. John

Taylor Strand


Mary Jane Baumgartner

Titus Brenninkmeijer

Denise Caracas

Nancy Colahan

William and Bonnie Daniels

Marisa Depalma

Patsy Downing

Nancy Downing and Bryan Kerr

Donald and Diane Jackson

Stinson and Julie Jones

Tamara Jorden

Pamela and Russell Lombardo

Gloria B. Major-Brown

Emmett and Jadzia Mcdonough

Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp

Harry and Audrey Nelson         

Joel Ohlgren and Nancy Even

Eric J. Oltmann and Susan Van Abel

Lisa Reich and Bob Johnson

Carrie Towbes and John Lewis

Paul and Maggie Tucker

Fred and Maija Wolf

Gary Yencich

Legacy Circle

Barbara Burger and Paul E. Munch

Benjamin Cohen

Jennifer Purcell Deacon

Beatrice Duncan Farwell

Margo Cohen-Feinberg

Thomas Frisina

Georgia Lee Funsten

Richard Holden

Tim Mikel

Alex Nourse

Dr. Robert and Mrs. Patricia Reid

Brian and Judy Robertson

June Helen Schuerch

Lynn Stokes

Ana Zaferris


Dennis and Jennifer Allen

Jeff and Janet Allen

Benton Ashlock

Darrell Banta

Michael and Beth Bartlett

Susan Beers

David and Fay Bisno

Caryl Bowman

Laura Capps

Samuel Carey

Kerstin Caujolle

Teresa Csete

Laree Draper

Jim and Meg Easton

Gail Elnicky

Robert and Mary Gates

David Gersh

Ronald and Peggy Gouger

Holly Irwin Bassuk

Lisa Itamura

Mike and Chris Jay

Muriel Jory

Shannon Kiefer

Leugh King

Chris and Jocelyn Kuzminski

Charles and Teresa Lennon

Nancy Leonard

Arica Lubin

Leon and Sofie Melkonian

Ishmael and Barbara Messer

Golda Messer

Michelle Montez

Susan Murphy

Carl Ohrberg

Dorothy K. Pak

Ken and Debby Pash

Pauline Paulin

Priscilla C. Peale

Rachyl Pines

Patrick and Lynne Marie Quinlan

Caren Rager and Jim Lichtman

Robert Ramey

Gary ad Kathleen Rees

Tracy Richardson

Daniel S. Rimkus

Sybil Rosen

Patti Sandow

Susanne Savoy

Kent Schmidt

Herbert Schulte

Scott and Jill Seltzer

Les and Maureen Shapiro

Jeri Shepherd

Jerry and Sharon Shepherd

John Snowball                                                                                                                        

Prudence A. Squier

Trish Stone

Jennifer Taylor

Pamela Thiel

Frances Thompson

Carrie Topliffe

Wanda Venturelli

Tara Vowels

Charles M. Weis

George and Judith Writer

Ellen W. Zissler