State Street Ballet: Support

State Street Ballet Donors

In a perfect world, the arts would be self-supporting. In reality, ticket sales cover only half of our expenses.When you make a donation, you ensure the future of dance as an art form and make dance a vital part of the Santa Barbara community. Thank you for helping us accomplish this important mission. We are immensely grateful to all of you!

President's Circle Angel - $100,000+

Tim Mikel
The James Irvine Foundation

President's Circle Platinum - $50,000+

Sara Miller McCune
Margo and Robert Feinberg
Lillian Lovelace
Anne and Michael Towbes

President's Circle Gold - $25,000+

Léni Fé Bland
Seth Geiger and Teri Jory
Irma and Morris Jurkowitz

President's Circle Silver - $10,000+

Peter Clark
Barbara Burger and Paul Munch
Denise Caracas
Benjamin Cohen and Jane S. De Hart
Thomas and Chris Frisina
Arlyn Goldsby
Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Godric Foundation
Joseph and Teresa Kadow
Herbert and Elaine Kendall
Luke and Richelle Lewis for Lewis Family Foundation
Robert and Alex Nourse
Santa Barbara County Arts Commission
Irene Stone (Stone Family Foundation)
The Little One Foundation
Roger and Justine Thompson
Van Cleef & Arpels

President's Circle Bronze - $5,000+

Sasha Ablitt – Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners
Roger and Sarah Chrisman
Ron and Jill Dexter
Patricia Gregory for the Baker Foundation
Shirley & Seymour Lehrer (The Lehrer Family Foundation)
Michael Mendizza (ZFolio Gallery)
Montecito Bank and Trust
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Patricia Reid
Anne Smith Towbes for the Poomer Fund
Ellen Zissler

President's Circle Member - $2,500+

Gary Dorfman for Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors
Dinah and Jerome Baumgartner
Patrick Clemens
Wayne and Milly Colahan
Jamie and Marcia Constance
Richard and Melanie Deschutter
Dennis and Setsuko Furuike
Steven Greenwood for the Lewis Greenwood Foundation
Kristin Horton (Haven Capital Group)
Samara Johnson
Diana Katsenes
Jeff Malony
Eduard and Suellen Pulkstenis
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Robertson
Aaron Schulman
Lynn Stokes-Pena
Christian and Lori Tudor
Joann Younger for Renaissance
Santa Barbara Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation
Fred and Maija Wolf


Fred Anson
Patricia Aptaker
Diana Boss
Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff
The Brittingham Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Burnham
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Chiavelli
Mr. Hyon Chough
Thiep Cung
Mr. and Mrs. William Daniels
Katharine Davis
Toby Donner for Lewis Greenwood Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fergusson
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Firestone
Susan P. French
Georgia Funsten
Elizabeth and Annalise Gabler
Dr. Renee Harwick
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hatch
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Knispel
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kolodziejski
Chris Lancashire
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Latimer
Angelo Mozilo
Mr. and Mrs. Mead Northrop
Maryann Schall
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Schowe
Maurice Singer
Michele Sordi
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Springer
Drs. John and Carrie Towbes for Lewis-Towbes family fund
Malcolm Tuffnell
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Turicchi
Karl Weis & Kristen Klingbeil-Weis
Christina Winters
Mr. and Mrs. John Woodward


Brian Barber
Judith Dart
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Drake
Mr. and Mrs. David Evans
Joan Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gates
Nancy Gifford
Scott Green
Margaret Hamister
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jackson
Olga Lee Jones
Muriel Jory
Sally Kinney
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kravetz
Joy MacKinnon
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Mellichamp
Mr. and Mrs. Don O’Dowd
Christian and Nahrin Powell
Cathy Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Scher
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Schilke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sorich
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stokes
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Mort Weisman
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard White
Andre Yew

Legacy Circle

Barbara Burger & Paul Munch
Benjamin Cohen
Jennifer Purcell Deacon
Beatrice Duncan Farwell
Margo Cohen-Feinberg
Richard Holden
Tim Mikel
Alex Nourse
Dr. Robert & Mrs. Patricia Reid
June Helen Schuerch
Ana Zaferris
Thomas Frisina
Lynn Stokes-Pena


Dennis Allen & Jennifer Cushnie
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Asseo
Glen Beltz & Danielle Swionteck
Wynne Benhayon
Emeline Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Bernet
Mr. and Mrs. John Bishop
Richard Blake
Charlene Broudy
William Burke
Alison Burnett
Calvin Metal Craft Inc.
Joel and ZouZou Chapman
John and Melinda Coggi
Nancy Colahan
Richard Croft Jr.
Tom Dain Construction
Suzanne Danielson
Shirley Dettmann
John and Kira Dewilde
Nancy Edebo
Susan L. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Freedman
Alejandra Folguera & Upamanyu Madhow
Douglas and Priscilla Fossek
Jose and Edith Fulco
Ruth Fung
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gallagher
Erin Graffy De Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Grant
Allison Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. William Hahn
Mr. and Mrs. David Hetyonk
Joanne Holderman
Mr. and Mrs. Sue Israel
Thuy Jammet
Faith Keating
Lisa King
Briana Lawrie
Robert Lawson
Amy Lebolt & Michael Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Larner (Larner Vineyard & Winery)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lennon
Jane Lodas
Samara Long
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Long
Mr. and Mrs. Charles love
Mr. and Mrs. William Major
Richard Mann
Golda Messer
Cynthia Mobraaten
Gloria Montano
Harry and Audrey Nelson
Sandra Nicholson
Brigette and Dean Nydam
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Oliver
Dotti Pak & Jordan Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Pash
Priscilla Peale
Pamela Perkins-Dwyer
Karen Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pitton-August
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pizzinat
Amy and Jeffrey Pryor
Scott Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rees
Mr. and Mrs. Reich
Albert Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Renda
Daniel Rimkus
Michael Roush
Daniel Ruth and Nancy Murphy
Joan and Geoff Rutkowski
Ken Schmidt
Nancy Schulte
Kathleen Schwartzman
Mr. and Mrs. Bassam Shakhashiri
John Snowball CPA
Adrian Spence
Robert Sponsel
Dena Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stephens
Nancy Tang
Marylove Thralls
Mr. ad Mrs. John Ugoretz
Jeanne Ullom
Andrea Van De Kamp
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Watts
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weisbart
Doris Welt
Daryl West
Jeff Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. George Writer
Wendy Yager
Mr. and Mrs. Homa Yahyavi