State Street Ballet Touring Shows: 2018-19

State Street Ballet goes on tour for two months every season, bringing original dance and education programs to theaters and schools around the world. With standing ovations from China to Chile, and a 90% rebooking rate, we are very proud of our past touring successes and we eagerly look forward to future adventures.


Carmina Burana



Photos: David Bazemore

Carmina Burana

Once in a lifetime a production comes along that is destined to be legendary. This is it, the spectacular Carmina Burana, featuring breathtaking choreography by William Soleau and the heart-pounding music of Carl Orff’s 19th century masterpiece.

Carmina Burana premiered in 2008 to sold-out audiences at the majestic Granada Theatre, and reprised that in 2015 with an even larger and more successful production. This exquisite ballet from resident choreographer William Soleau is set to Carl Orff’s iconic and mesmerizing score, inspired by 24 illuminated poems and texts from the 12th and 13th centuries. Described by Orff as a “scenic cantata”, the main philosophies center on the changeability of human fate – the Wheel of Fortune. Soleau’s brilliant choreography brings to life through movement the numerous themes captured within the poems – the freshness of romance, the beauty of spring, the exuberance of tavern life, gluttony, and gambling, the passions of unbridled love, the fear of death, and the zest of the sinner’s confessions. 

A dramatic and captivating production, Carmina Burana is always an audience favorite, cherished by lovers of dance, music, and theater. Carmina Burana can be performed with live symphony orchestra and choral singers. Please contact State Street Ballet for more information on collaborative opportunities.

Note by the choreographer William Soleau:

 “In the Wheel of Fortune everything keeps repeating itself, spinning inexorably with relentless precision. We are born helpless, we grow up quickly, and we travel through our days confident we can control our fate. Only as we get older, do we realize that we have come back to the beginning of our lives, helpless once again. This time it is our children who will grow up and repeat the cycle, until they too die and sink into oblivion, prisoners of Fortuna’s wheel.”

Choreography by William Soleau
Music by Carl Orff
Costume Design by A. Christina Giannini
Lighting Design by Lloyd Sobel

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