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State Street Ballet: Training

Professional Track

State Street Ballet's Trainee Program

Designed for the advanced dancer, the Professional Track Program is a 32 week course that meets five days a week. Classes include ballet technique, pointe, variations, pas de deux, modern, conditioning, and choreography. Dancers have the opportunity to be selected to participate in State Street Ballet productions along with the Professional Track performance schedule. The PT curriculum was created for dancers interested in fine-tuning their technique and exploring their artistic expression through classical variations and contemporary choreography. The artists currently accepted into the program range in age from 18 to 23, each bringing individual goals and expectations to the program.

Our Professional Track dancers train for five hours a day, five days a week, with optional classes on Saturdays. They are invited to take company class once a week and participate in a full company schedule if selected to perform with the company. Our faculty consists of State Street Ballet’s artistic directors, rehearsal directors, dancers, and a nationally respected roster of teachers. Dancers receive career and audition guidance as they work through 32 weeks of preparing for the next step in their dance career. The Professional Track schedule leaves time for dancers to enroll in college courses while continuing their training. Santa Barbara City College is one of the highest rated community colleges in America and is located a few miles from State Street Ballet. For further information please email: or call 805.845.1432.

How to Audition

Attend one of our in-person auditions held nationwide, a virtual audition, or select the video audition option on the registration form. Pre-registration is recommended for all auditions (walk-in accepted only if space available at time of audition). Please submit the application at least 2 days prior to the audition date. Limited availability. Check our audition calendar for more information. 

Professional Track Dancers 2023-24

Aidan Crow
Alexandra Swaim
Alexandria Morgans
Alexis Robards
Aria Opean
Ariadne Fernandez
Audrey Coomes
Avery Wallace
Bronwyn Smith
Elianne Holt
Gabrielle Mitchell
Hailey Maynard
Isabel Koontz
Isabella Yoder
Isabelle Cummings
Kaia Abraham
Karen Lopez de Avila
Katherine Thomas
Liza Retter
Madelyne Herbert
Madeline Stiner
Madison Huntington
McKenzie Gosney
Natascha Leddy
Selene Parke
Skylar Moreira
Victoria Vertiz
Zoe Brown