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Professional Track

State Street Ballet's Trainee Program

Designed for the advanced dancer, the State Street Ballet Professional Track Program is a full-time 32-week course that meets five days a week with optional classes on Saturdays. Classes include ballet technique, pointe, pas de deux, modern, contemporary, conditioning, and choreography. In addition to their rigorous training schedule, Professional Track dancers can take company classes and attend company rehearsals. Select Professional Track dancers will have the opportunity to perform in State Street Ballet productions. 

The Professional Track curriculum is designed for dancers interested in fine-tuning their technique and exploring their artistic expression through classical variations and contemporary choreography. Each year consists of 2 semesters of instruction, during which time dancers work with a world-class faculty, including former and current State Street Ballet company members. 

Ages 17-23

Frequency: 5 days/week (25+ hrs)

For further information please email: or call 805.845.1432.

New in 2024: Education and Choreography Specializations

The specializations are new, comprehensive programs within State Street Ballet Professional Track’s full-year program that equip dancers with additional skills and training integral to a successful career in the dance world. These cutting-edge specialization courses consist of 4 semesters of instruction (two years of training), during which time dancers work with a world-class faculty, including former and current State Street Ballet company members, and receive personalized 1-on-1 mentorship in their specialization of choice. Specialization cohorts are kept smaller to ensure a high-quality training and professional experience. 

Dance Education Specialization

This specialized course provides a comprehensive approach to training the next generation of dance educators and provides dancers with the essential skills, knowledge, and ethical considerations required to become effective dance educators. Key parts of this certificate program include dance teaching methodologies for studios and public schools, lesson planning, creating an inclusive learning environment, using digital tools, and culturally sensitive pedagogy. Dancers will have the opportunity to teach at the State Street Ballet Academy and in local elementary schools.

Choreography Specialization

The first of its kind for a professional ballet company, our Choreography Specialization equips dancers with a well-rounded understanding of choreography, blending theoretical knowledge with practical experience and cultural awareness. Dancers will choreograph on their Professional Track colleagues and present their work on stages throughout the Southern California region. Each dancer in the Choreography specialization will be paired with a program mentor who will assist in their artistic development and serve as a resource throughout their tenure in the program. 

How To Audition

Attend one of our in-person auditions held nationwide, a virtual audition, or select the video audition option on the registration form. Pre-registration at least three days prior to the audition date is required to guarantee an audition spot. Walk-ins will be accepted only if space is available at the time of the audition. Check the audition calendar for times, dates, locations, and registration deadlines.

After the initial audition, dancers considered for the Professional Track will be asked to send a video showcasing a classical variation and a contemporary solo. 


How do I audition? 

There are several ways to audition for the Professional Track Training Program including in-person, virtual, and video audition options. Check our audition calendar for times, dates, locations, and registration deadlines.

How do I register for an audition?

Registration is open each audition season from mid-December to April. Determine which audition option works best for you, then click the registration button and follow the prompts. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email outlining the next steps for submitting the required materials – Headshot, Dance Resume, and Letter of Recommendation. For video auditions, we require additional materials. 

What do I wear to the audition? 

A leotard and pink tights with no restriction on color or style. Ballet slippers and pointe shoes will be required for the audition. Hair should be pulled back and secured. 

How do I find out if I have been accepted? 

Results of the audition are sent via email on a rolling basis. If you have progressed from this initial stage, Candidates should expect to receive notification of their acceptance status within 2-4 weeks of their audition date. Note: If you have not received an email within 4 weeks, please make sure to check all email addresses affiliated with your account and the junk mail folder of each. If you have still not received notification, then email 

How many students are accepted into the program? 

Our maximum enrollment is 25 students.

What are the dates of the program? 

September 3, 2023 – May 4, 2024

Fall Semester | September 3–December 16, 2024

Spring Semester | January 6–May 2, 2025

What is the weekly schedule? 

Students have classes and rehearsals Monday through Friday, between 3-5 classes per day. Each day starts at 9:30am with ballet class followed by a variety of other classes, including pointe, partnering, modern, contemporary, jazz, improvisation, composition, choreography, yoga, anatomy, rehearsals, State Street Ballet repertoire, and/or master classes (TBD).

Are there performance opportunities? 

Students participate in Showcase Performances at the midpoint of each semester in Professional Track showings in both the fall and winter. In the Spring, the Professional Track will perform in a repertory show in downtown Santa Barbara. In addition, several outdoor and collaborative performance opportunities arise throughout the year and select Professional Track dancers will have the opportunity to perform in State Street Ballet productions.

Is the Professional Track a “feeder” for State Street Ballet?

The Professional Track is designed as a rigorous training program to nurture and develop the potential within our students to pursue and be successful in both the professional dance world and other professional paths. Though the purpose of the Professional Track is primarily as a training program, there are currently State Street Ballet company dancers and apprentices who have entered the company through the Professional Track. 

I would like to continue my academic pursuits while in Santa Barbara, are there opportunities to take college courses in addition to program classes?

The Professional Track schedule leaves time for dedicated dancers to enroll in college courses while continuing their training. UC Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College are both options for dancers who would like to continue their education while in the Professional Track. In particular, Santa Barbara City College’s courses are well-suited to dancers who would like to take classes on a part-time basis and is also one of the highest-rated community colleges in America and is located a few miles from State Street Ballet. 

What is the tuition for the Professional Track? 

Tuition for those starting as first-year Training Program students for the 2023-2024 year is $7,000. Tuition for the Specialization Courses is an additional $2,000. Tuition can be paid in full or in nine monthly installments beginning June 15th.

Does the Professional Track offer scholarships? 

Yes! State Street Ballet awards scholarships based on both financial need and artistic merit. Scholarship funds are limited and dependent on the generous contributions we receive from individual donors.  

Are there work-study opportunities?

Yes! Work-study opportunities are available. You can apply for these opportunities via the scholarship application. 

How do I apply for a scholarship? 

Upon acceptance, students will receive an email detailing guidelines and required materials to apply for a scholarship. The scholarship application and required financial documentation are due by April 1. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Professional Track Dancers 2023-24

Aidan Crow
Alexandra Swaim
Alexandria Morgans
Alexis Robards
Aria Opean
Ariadne Fernandez
Audrey Coomes
Avery Wallace
Bronwyn Smith
Elianne Holt
Gabrielle Mitchell
Hailey Maynard
Isabel Koontz
Isabella Yoder
Isabelle Cummings
Kaia Abraham
Karen Lopes de Avila
Katherine Thomas
Liza Retter
Madelyne Herbert
Madeline Stiner
Madison Huntington
McKenzie Gosney
Natascha Leddy
Selene Parke
Skylar Moreira
Victoria Vertiz
Zoe Brown